There’s a Gap September 25, 2005

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When the Gap came out with new jeans with a fit called "Curvy" I got my hopes up. They are supposed to be made for women whose waist is smaller than their hips – that’s me! Usually when I try on jeans, I could fit a small child in the extra space in the back of the waist.

On Friday, I went with two friends to try out this new sensation in denim, and it was…a dud. Each of us found the same familiar gap in the back – no different and sometimes worse than their other fits. My hopes were dashed, but I experienced comfort in knowing that it wasn’t just me. Trying on jeans should not be a solo sport!


2 Responses to “There’s a Gap”

  1. Robin Says:

    I keep thinking if I can just get my hips, thighs and rear smaller then the gap would not be so bad, but it never works. (Maybe I just haven’t gotten them small enough yet!) I really miss the 80’s when jeans were made to fit my body type. I can still find them at Foley’s, but Terry thinks they are so ugly. Oh well, the trend will turn again!

  2. Lori Says:

    Rock on, acid wash! 😉 The only jeans I’ve been able to find lately are from J.Jill – tried and true fit. They are perfect, but a little pricey for what I’m used to. But as a Mastercard commercial would say…”Finding jeans that fit? Priceless.”

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