The last day May 24, 2007

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Today is Ben’s last day of elementary school. It’s become a tradition for me to take the first and last day of school off and spend the morning at Starbucks, journaling my perspectives of the moment, looking back on the school year, forward to the summer ahead, always with a grateful heart. These snapshots in time form a powerful portrait when I view them all at once.

But since today started off with a 5th grade awards ceremony at 8:30 am, and I’ll soon be heading off for Ben’s last day of school party, I’m enjoying an iced coffee in the peace of our study instead.

We watched eagerly as Ben’s school was first built; an easy task since it’s at the end of our street. When I check the mailbox on days I work at home, I can hear the laughter of children from the playground. Ben has that sense of 5th grade ownership when he walks the hallways of his school, the confidence of someone who is known and loved on familiar territory.  I’m incredibly thankful to be able to send him off to someplace safe each day where he can freely learn and explore.

The last moment of the last day will feature the 5th grade parade, where everyone in the school lines the hallways and cheers the students who will be moving on to middle school next year. I’ve watched this procession for 5 years in a row, and I know that when time comes today I’ll be be found with tears in my eyes, a proud smile on my face, and profound gratitude in my heart because I get to enjoy moments like this in the life of one outstanding boy.


3 Responses to “The last day”

  1. robin Says:

    I’m getting a little teary eyed thinking about it and he’s not even my kid!

    Congrats Ben!

  2. Sharon Bailey Says:

    Behind oustanding kids…are outstanding parents !

    A lump in the throat, a tear trickling…… reading about Ben.

    A real graduation of sorts ! Onward and upward….to the big new school…and countless new opportunities.
    You married one of MY outstanding kids, Not sure where they acquired it !

  3. Leslie Clemens Says:

    Congrats Ben!!!
    Lori, You wright the most powerful post, such a talented writer~

    I miss being in the ‘loop’


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